Paladin Pickers

Every year, college students across the US throw away millions of good quality, functional dormitory items when they move out.  Year after year, dumpsters fill up during finals with great clothes, furniture, and appliances that are perfectly reusable.  Countless schools have acknowledged this problem, creating various programs to reduce their carbon footprint over move-out.  Furman is just getting started with the Paladin Pickers program that … Continue reading Paladin Pickers

5 of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Life More Green

Since taking on this fellowship as the Shi Center’s Green Office Fellow, I have learned a lot about the little things that individuals can do to help contribute to making their office more eco-friendly. Some of these switches seemed obvious to me as a Sustainability major, and I was kind of amazed when we would receive reports from departments that missed (what I would have … Continue reading 5 of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Life More Green

Track Your Leftovers: A Story of Composting

  When you see the leftover or rotted food in your fridge or pantry at home, your first instinct is probably to throw it away. In the United States, you are certainly not alone, as each year we throw away tens of billions of pounds of food. While trying to reduce this amount of wasted food is an entirely different issue, we can at least … Continue reading Track Your Leftovers: A Story of Composting

The Purple Link to Greenlink

Connectivity is a crucial part of what makes a place livable. For people to be able to have a job, there must be a means of getting there. With Greenville’s rapid growth, more industries are moving in. How will people get to these new jobs as more people are having to move away from the city center? Greenville’s public bus service, Greenlink, is one option, … Continue reading The Purple Link to Greenlink

To Tree or Not to Tree

The first thing I ever loved about Furman’s campus was the beautiful mall, framed by the towering oaks that help create Furman’s charming and calm atmosphere. It seems that trees have a knack for that, for creating beautiful and peaceful settings to study, work, and live in. But it’s not just for appearances that Furman’s trees are so important, trees are also valuable for their … Continue reading To Tree or Not to Tree

My Summer with LiveWell Greenville

What do you think of when you hear the word “sustainability”? For me “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been ingrained into my mind and sustainability sparks ideas of cutting down fossil fuel usage and finding new energy sources like wind or solar energy. Before working with LiveWell Greenville I had neglected to acknowledge two other entirely separate pieces to the puzzle that is sustainability. LiveWell Greenville … Continue reading My Summer with LiveWell Greenville