Greenville is Accessible, But for Whom?

By Natalie Anderson There are many mundane factors of life that people do not think about which prevent individuals with disabilities from traveling to other locations by public transportation thereby preventing them from everyday necessities. Many people do not have to think about the infrastructure of the city or how they are going to get from one location to another because these factors do not … Continue reading Greenville is Accessible, But for Whom?

My Summer at Horseshoe Farms

A Furman Shi-Center fellowship reflection by Bennett Burkholder The time is 7 am as I slowly drive on to Horseshoe Farm located in Travelers Rest SC. The birds are singing, and the crickets are chirping as the new day begins. I can smell the dew evaporating and the aromatic scent of fresh dirt wafts on the air. This experience is one I will not forget. … Continue reading My Summer at Horseshoe Farms

Protecting Greenville’s Water Resources

By: Catherine Lippert, City of Greenville Environmental Engineering Fellow Anyone who has been to Greenville, South Carolina knows that an important part of its charm and beauty comes from its waterways, which flow through and anchor many of Greenville’s most iconic places. Falls Park, Cleveland Park, the Wyche Pavilion, the Peace Center, and the forthcoming Unity Park are all centered around beautiful waterways and draw … Continue reading Protecting Greenville’s Water Resources

Affordable Housing in Greenville

By: Emily Thomas According to the 2018 Greenville Housing Report, 30% of Greenville County households (about 46,000 people) are currently unable to secure safe and decent housing at a cost they can afford. Within the city alone, there are approximately 14,723 cost-burdened renter households with annual incomes less than $20,000. As more people move to Greenville and more low-wage jobs are created, the availability of … Continue reading Affordable Housing in Greenville

Growing Trees and Growing People

By: Kris Johnston Working outside isn’t something new to me. As a music education major, I have been a brass tech for several marching bands around the Columbia and Upstate area over the past four years. These jobs always involved spending long days on the field for weeks at a time over the summer. The education aspect of being a brass tech in combination with … Continue reading Growing Trees and Growing People

Energy Conservation

by Eric Holt This summer I have been working with the Community Conservation Core, a program run through the Shi Center here at Furman University. The goal of this program is to increase energy efficiency of residential locations. Increasing energy efficiency has a variety of positive impacts spanning many different aspects of everyday life. Many homeowners are unaware that by doing simple things like installing … Continue reading Energy Conservation

Discovering the Plan

By: Brook Denny Look, things are on the horizon. We’re living in a world of change. To me, change is exciting. It represents the next step, the future, and innovation. Right now, in your back yard change is happening. Have you noticed? This summer I have spent my time to produce the guidelines and foundations for positive, sustainable, and smart change within the City of … Continue reading Discovering the Plan