Tree Love

By: Marchant Harris Hello! I am Marchant Harris, and I am the Environmental Education Fellow at TreesUpstate. I am from Columbia, South Carolina and will be a junior at Furman University this fall. TreesUpstate is a nonprofit that works to plant, promote, and protect trees in the upstate of South Carolina. Each day, I mainly work on continuing education to people through social media on trees … Continue reading Tree Love

Internship Reflections Forever

  By: Sydney Andersen My name is Sydney Andersen, and I am the Upstate Forever fellow this summer. Upstate Forever is a nonprofit organization that acts as a conservation bank and champion of community in 10 upstate counties, working to protect lands and waterways from rapid development. It is their mission to protect environmentally sensitive habitats as well as foster communities with strong ties to the outdoors. During my time working with the organization, I am assisting the … Continue reading Internship Reflections Forever

The Future of Commerce & Conservation

By: Miriam Megdal Hello! My name is Miriam Megdal, and I am the 2020 Palmetto Green summer fellow. Palmetto Green is a South Carolina-based nonprofit dedicated to finding the synergy between the natural, social, and built systems found within this beautiful state. What that means exactly is that Palmetto Green helps protect South Carolina’s natural resources, while also finding ways for the economy to flourish. … Continue reading The Future of Commerce & Conservation

The International Guest

By: Lia Paw Hello everyone! My name is Lia Paw. I am an international student, originally from Myanmar (Burma). Coming from a developing country, academic resources are very limited. So, I went to Japan for a better high school education. In Japan, I was introduced to sustainability. I am a rising sophomore and Neuroscience major on the Pre-med track. I was a student fellow at … Continue reading The International Guest

Sustainability: In light of our current situation

By: Chloe Sandifer-Stech I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it very interesting to see the positive effects that economic and industrial limitations have had on the natural environment. It’s refreshing to see images of cleaner air in China, and pictures of the crystal-clear Venice water. While these may only be temporary outcomes of our current situation, it shows how a society, under necessary … Continue reading Sustainability: In light of our current situation

Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary – Building on the Earth Day Legacy

By: Weston Dripps Executive Director at Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities and Furman University Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences What started in 1970 as a grass roots teach-in in the United States has become a massive global movement today. The overwhelming outpouring and success of that first Earth Day celebration that had an estimated 20 million Americans participating really sparked the modern environmental movement. … Continue reading Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary – Building on the Earth Day Legacy

Bon Appetit!

By: Amanda Egan Greetings, Furman community! My name is Amanda Egan, and I am the Bon Appetit Student Fellow for the 2019-2020 academic year. The past few weeks have brought unexpected change to all of us as we learn to maintain our community digitally. While challenging, it has been wonderful to see how we have adapted and persevered. All of the Shi Center fellowships look … Continue reading Bon Appetit!

It All Comes Full Circle!

By: Dominique Martin Hello! My name is Dominique, and I am the current Student Assistant Compost Manager for the Furman Farm. My fellowship entails picking up food waste from various locations across campus and depositing them at our compost site on the R.L. Grace property. In addition to this aspect of my job, I am also the lead student that maintains the compost on our … Continue reading It All Comes Full Circle!

What’s Up with This Weather, Greenville?

By: Will Ridley Having lived in the south my entire life, it’s no surprise when the weather fluctuates. Every summer in the south is miserably hot and some winter weeks are colder here than up north. It could rain four days in a row and be sunny without a cloud in the sky for the entire week following. I have learned to expect the unexpected … Continue reading What’s Up with This Weather, Greenville?