Teach a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

The history of soup kitchens in America can be traced back to the effects of the depression. Since its humble beginning soup kitchens have spread across the nation, locating the areas of greatest need. Our very own city of Greenville has several soup kitchens and pantries, all working hard to provide free meals for the hungry. This summer as a Shi Center Fellow I’ve had … Continue reading Teach a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

Saving a Place I love!

Charleston has continually been ranked the number one city in the United States for years. There are beautiful beaches and a beautiful historic city with friendly residents. This popularity, however, puts pressure not only on the City of Charleston but also the surrounding towns and cities. One of these towns is Mount Pleasant, where I have lived all my life. When I was little, Mount … Continue reading Saving a Place I love!

UCapture: Furman’s Next Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

In 2009, Furman’s Board of Trustees unanimously determined to integrate sustainability into the University culture under the framework Sustainable Furman.  As part of that plan, the University made the ambitious decision to become Carbon Neutral by 2026. More than eight years later with multiple LEED certified buildings, a number seven rating in the Sustainable Campus Index, and five percent of its total energy produced by … Continue reading UCapture: Furman’s Next Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

Sustainable Health, Sustainable Community

When someone mentions the word “sustainable” my mind immediately flashes to images of recyclable material, safe farming practices, and riding a bike to work. I think it is easy for people like me to assume that sustainability is all about lowering your carbon footprint or admitting that global warming is a serious threat, but my experience this summer has proved me wrong.  This summer I … Continue reading Sustainable Health, Sustainable Community

The Impact of Outdoor Education

My name is Peter Wilson and I would consider myself a lifelong steward of the environment.  Ever since I was a young child, I spent most of my time outdoors exploring and observing everything I could about the natural world.  In my elementary and middle school years, many of my afternoons were spent wading in the creek and traipsing through the woods until it got … Continue reading The Impact of Outdoor Education

My Summer with Sandburg

“I am an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.” Have you ever considered volunteering at a National Park? I hadn’t, not before I discovered the great relationship the Shi Center has with the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (CARL) in Flat Rock, NC. Working these past four weeks as a Climate Change Program Assistant and Citizen Science leader … Continue reading My Summer with Sandburg

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner?

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner, what a catchy slogan especially when you say it in a low southern drawl. Not only is it catchy but it’s also accurate, as majority of Americans have turned to beef or meat as a mealtime staple. However harmless as this might seem, meat consumption has huge environmental repercussions. Agriculture plays a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions, land use … Continue reading Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner?

The Furman Farm Chose Community

My friends who went to culinary school used to justify their decision with a singular platitude: “Everyone has to eat food.” Such a statement seemed so obvious that it fell deaf on my ears. Then I pulled my own food out of the ground for the first time, and from that moment on I understood the implications of their defense. My appreciation of food before … Continue reading The Furman Farm Chose Community

Me, You, and the Greenville Zoo

When I was hired by the Greenville Zoo to be their 2017 Summer Furman Fellow, I did not know what to expect by way of work. My first week involved doing odd jobs for the other employees, bonding with the three large birds that call our office space home, and meeting all our wonderful docents and volunteers that do so much for the Greenville Zoo. … Continue reading Me, You, and the Greenville Zoo

My Experiences with the Shi Center for Sustainability

In 2014, during my sophomore year at Furman, I attended Farm Aid, an annual day-long music festival and environmental rally founded in 1985 by Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp that serves as a fundraiser for independent U.S. farmers. While attending this festival, I talked to farmers and activists, attended seminars, and heard my musical heroes express their concern for our planet. Neil Young … Continue reading My Experiences with the Shi Center for Sustainability