Moving right along…

My life at Furman is now in full swing!  In the last week, I have experienced the excitement of homecoming and the stress of midterms, and I feel like a real college student.  Fall Break starts on Thursday, and, although I am enjoying the college life, I must admit that this break could not be coming at a more perfect time! 

In the Center for Sustainability, the Sustainability Master Plan is in its final stages of crafting.  Months of composing, editing, and revising are finally drawing to a close.  I’m relieved, and I haven’t spent even a fraction of the time working on the plan as everybody else in the office has.  I have been able to contribute in a few ways, though, from proofreading drafts of the plan to preparing “comment boxes” for this afternoon’s open forum discussion about it.

Another project in the works is revamping the Shi Center’s website.  Keep an eye out for the completely new site, as it will be unveiled in the next few weeks.  We are hoping that the new design will be able to provide students, faculty, and community members with information about sustainability both on- and off-campus in a more comprehensive, organized fashion.  There will also be a Sustainability Student Help Desk/FAQ page, which I am currently drafting.  This page will address a few frequently asked questions about sustainability, and it will also provide contact information for anyone who is seeking further information.  As the Bank of America Sustainability Fellows, Caitlin and I will be the ones responding to these inquiries.  I am anticipating a vast assortment of questions of varying difficulty and subject matter, and, although I lack the specific scientific knowledge about environmental processes and how they relate to sustainability, I am looking forward to helping others learn how they can live more sustainably.

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