Sustainability: It’s not rocket science

Dr. Roy Spencer is a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama and a former NASA scientist who specializes in climate research.  I am a first-year college student with an undeclared major whose science knowledge extends very little past the minimum curriculum requirements of high school.  Thus, it’s a bit daunting, to say the least, to oppose publicly what Dr. Spencer has to say … Continue reading Sustainability: It’s not rocket science

“Global Weirding”

        What is this “global warming” thing? Most people believe that it means that every place on earth will become noticeably hotter as time goes on, their current place of residence no exception. Roy Spencer, recent CLP presenter at Furman and former NASA climatologist, seems to think that “global warming” is a purely natural phenomenon that is not driven or affected by the actions of … Continue reading “Global Weirding”


Whenever someone mentions recycling to me, I typically just think of paper, aluminum, plastic or glass. But what about all those other obscure things that can be recycled and reused that many people don’t even know about? Like corks. Over 10 billion corks are used as wine bottle stoppers per year; that’s 10 billion corks that could be kept from landfills annually and reused to … Continue reading Uncorked

Considering natural burial

At Furman, in politics, and on the news, we often hear about what it means to live sustainably.  From dietary choices to means of transportation, the daily lives of Americans have a direct and significant impact on the environment.  However, what if we took living sustainably a step further?  How can humans be sustainable not only when we’re alive, but when we’re six feet under? … Continue reading Considering natural burial

Saving the environment and your bank account one “green job” at a time

 I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating lately as I try to pin down exactly what I want to do with my life.  Through my self-evaluations and the “assistance” of numerous time-consuming yet worthless online career profile quizzes, I have been analyzing my passions and skills in hopes of determining that one perfect career that was practically designed for me.  I have experienced feelings of … Continue reading Saving the environment and your bank account one “green job” at a time