Whenever someone mentions recycling to me, I typically just think of paper, aluminum, plastic or glass. But what about all those other obscure things that can be recycled and reused that many people don’t even know about? Like corks. Over 10 billion corks are used as wine bottle stoppers per year; that’s 10 billion corks that could be kept from landfills annually and reused to produce other things like floor tiles, insulation, gardening tools, shoe soles, and more. Corks are completely recyclable and biodegradable, and by doing your part to be more sustainable, you will not only be reducing waste, but you’ll be helping to protect wildlife habitats and the world around you.

Recycling other lesser-acknowledged things like CDs would also lessen the amount of waste ending up in a landfill and would allow for elements in the CD like gold to be recovered and reused. All of those Hershey’s Kiss wrappers you have left over from Valentine’s Day littering your floor or trash can can be tossed in that blue recycling bin right alongside those Coke cans, too. Hershey produces over 80 million kisses per day so that’s a lot of wrappers that can be recycled. And if you can’t always recycle, reuse. A friend of mine took an empty 2 liter soda bottle, cut the top off, attached a hanger, and made a shower caddy out of it. And it actually works. Go figure. So even you can make a difference. Even if it is just recycling that one cork or using that old CD as a coaster, it’s still helping to reduce our impact on the environment and to make the world a better, greener, and more sustainable place to live.


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