Electric Cars Can Go How Fast?

I went to an all-boys school for twelve years before coming to Furman, so you can imagine what my friends thought when I told them that I was interested in electric cars: “Psh… you hippie,” “My Hummer could squash those things,” and “Why would anyone drive one of those?” The one central idea of all of these comments was that electric cars weren’t “manly” enough. If you think the same way as my friends, I’d like to introduce you to Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors is an electric car company that is located in Silicon Valley, California. Their most popular car is called the Tesla Roadster, which runs off of a lithium ion battery and can go 245 miles per charge. The Tesla Roadster is a sports car modeled after a normal gasoline-run car called the Lotus Elise. You’re probably thinking, “I’d rather just have the Lotus – it’s probably faster anyway.” Think again. The BBC television series Top Gear ran a drag race in one of their episodes to see which of the two cars is faster. As you see in the video, the Tesla crushed the Lotus in a race, going from 0 to 60 MPH in only 3.7 seconds. No longer do you have to contemplate if this electric car is “manly” enough for you; the question now becomes if you are “manly” enough for the car.

With gas prices rising and global warming becoming an increasing issue, the push towards electric cars is growing. If you are one of the many skeptical people when it comes to electric cars, consider some of the following benefits that go along with their “manliness.” First of all, they cost much less to own, operate, and maintain than combustion powered vehicles. Since their few moving parts do not need fluids such as engine oil, anti-freeze or transmission fluid to run, they are much more reliable as well. Because of this, little maintenance is required and leaks are far less likely to occur. They are also cleaner for the environment and better for everyone’s respiratory health since they don’t emit pollutants from the tailpipes. Lastly, by choosing electric cars over combustion powered vehicles, we are reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

When it comes time for you to purchase a car, don’t shut down the idea of getting an electric vehicle. Keep an open mind about it. Think about the long term money you could save, but, more importantly, think about the difference you could make in preserving our environment.

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