A More Conscious Generation

As recent graduates have started to transition from college and university settings to the real world, they are confronted with the reality of finding a job. With unemployment still high, new graduates have found it hard to find jobs. However, some recent graduates will not jump to take the first job that they find. This generation of students have shifted from the self-centered mind frame … Continue reading A More Conscious Generation

Peddle Your Way to a Richer, Happier, Healthier Future

A recent article in The Atlantic magazine, titled “America’s Top Cities For Bike Commuting: Happier, Too,” reflects on “a nationwide analysis” conducted by author Richard Florida “[that] shows that towns where people bike to work are richer, fitter, and more successful in many other ways.” In the article, Florida, an avid cyclist, explains that his analysis was initially inspired by a reflection on the Living Streets Alliance … Continue reading Peddle Your Way to a Richer, Happier, Healthier Future

The Energy Diet

Are you on an energy diet? If you are not, you should. National Geographic has developed a three-year initiative to help people come to a better understanding of energy and the crisis we are currently experiencing. With the increased demand for alternative fuels, National Geographic wants to educate the general public about how to decrease their own personal demand for fuel and energy. With the … Continue reading The Energy Diet

Recent E.Coli Outbreak Exposes the Benefits of Small, Regional Food Systems

  Earlier this month, public officials in public health, food safety and disease control sectors around the world identified a strain of E.Coli, called Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli, as the reason for the recent outbreak of severe sickness among hundreds of European citizens, as well as a handful of citizens in the United States. So, what does this have to do with sustainability? According to the Center for Disease Control … Continue reading Recent E.Coli Outbreak Exposes the Benefits of Small, Regional Food Systems

The Andean Collection

In the shadow of the Andes mountains, there exists many impoverished farming villages in Ecuador. However, there is one that is slowly changing that one person at a time. Amanda Judge, an American entrepreneur, has been helping Olga Moran, a wife and mother of three, to begin creating her own line of jewelry.  These jewelry pieces showcase natural seeds and other elements from the Andes … Continue reading The Andean Collection

Sustainability: A Complex Problem with Simple Solutions.

Here at Furman’s Shi Center for Sustainability, we define sustainability as a process that “explores the dynamic relationships among social, economic and environmental systems so as to enhance the long-term quality of life.” Those who support sustainability are working not just to improve the planet, but to improve the quality of life on earth by improving the quality of the environment, the economy and the … Continue reading Sustainability: A Complex Problem with Simple Solutions.


locavore: n. one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible. OED Word of the Year for 2007. In recent years, people have begun to start thinking more about their foods. Where do they come from? what was used to grow them? Where they enhanced in any way? As these questions appeared, people started to move towards buying more local and sustainable foods. However, the term … Continue reading Locavorism

Engaged Learning & Green Living

Starting in the spring of 2009, Furman offered optional “May Experience” classes to students. After using a trimester schedule for many years, 2008-2009 was the first year Furman adopted the more commonly used semester schedule.  The May Experience (“May-X”), or Maymester, is the equivalent of the optional winter term that fell between the first and third terms in the trimester system.  Each department offers at least … Continue reading Engaged Learning & Green Living