The Energy Diet

Are you on an energy diet? If you are not, you should.

National Geographic has developed a three-year initiative to help people come to a better understanding of energy and the crisis we are currently experiencing. With the increased demand for alternative fuels, National Geographic wants to educate the general public about how to decrease their own personal demand for fuel and energy.

With the help of a panel of advisers, you can join the Great Energy Challenge. This is a one-stop website that provides tons of resources from a personal energy meter to quizzes about energy use. Each interactive part of the website allows you to learn about energy consumption as well as become involved in the global energy issues.

The quizzes cover an array of topic from oil to general energy to vampire electronics. Having taken one, I can personally assure people that you actually learn useful information from these quizzes. On one, I only answered three out of ten correctly. Take one to test your knowledge if you get a chance.

Another interesting part of the challenge is the energy diet. There are helpful tips to helping you achieve your “healthy energy weight” month-to-month.

Recently, controversy and misconceptions about energy have been brought up, and we commend National Geographic for going the extra mile to educate the general public about this issue. People will be shocked to learn about how small changes can go a long way. If you are interesting in losing some “energy weight” or just curious in energy conservation. Check out National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge.

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