Peddle Your Way to a Richer, Happier, Healthier Future

A recent article in The Atlantic magazine, titled “America’s Top Cities For Bike Commuting: Happier, Too,” reflects on “a nationwide analysis” conducted by author Richard Florida “[that] shows that towns where people bike to work are richer, fitter, and more successful in many other ways.”

In the article, Florida, an avid cyclist, explains that his analysis was initially inspired by a reflection on the Living Streets Alliance blog; a reflection that was directly related to one of Florida’s earlier posts. The blog pointed out the  significant correlation between the cities in Florida’s “post on America’s Fittest Cities and the cities where the greatest percentages of people who bike to work live.”

To Florida, although the connection between high levels of biking and increased fitness levels in metropolitan areas was significant, it also seemed fairly obvious. Still, the connection prompted Florida to consider “what other characteristics of metropolitan areas might be associated with higher levels of cycling.”

With help from a colleague, Florida analyzed data that he hoped would provide more conclusive information about the effects of cycling on a variety of other social characteristics in metropolitan areas.

Simply, Florida discovered that, in general, cities with a high concentration of citizens who commute by bike are, generally, richer, more educated, more diverse, happier and, of course, fitter than metro areas where few citizens commute by bike.

For the entire article, go to:

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