My Swamp Rabbit Tale

Prompted by the beautiful 70 degree weather in mid-February, I recently set out on my first bike ride on the Greenville Hospital System Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail.  Swamp Rabbit is a 17.5 mile walking/biking trail that runs from Travelers Rest to downtown Greenville, and part of the trail happens to run alongside Furman’s campus.  My ride took me from campus to the northern end of … Continue reading My Swamp Rabbit Tale

Annie’s House

For families with incomes near the poverty level, making payments for food and energy bills is increasingly difficult. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for families in the lowest 20% of the income distribution, spending on food and energy consumes 44.1% of their income after tax. The lives of these families would be much easier if they had little to no electric or gas … Continue reading Annie’s House

“Farmageddon” viewing

Greenville Organic Foods Organization (GOFO), Upstate Forever will host the 2012 Flicks for Thought, an independent film series. GOFO is proud to be the first in SC to bring the film Farmageddon for public viewing since the movie has not been released to distribution yet! This is one of a kind opportunity to support our local family farmers and ensure we continue to have access … Continue reading “Farmageddon” viewing

Don’t shop, Swap!

I was perusing my January/February edition of the Environmental Magazine a few weeks ago and noticed an interesting article entitled, “Swap ‘Til You Drop.” It was about the trending interest in ‘swapping.’ I am myself a yard sale aficionado, and dabble in second hand/antique shops from time to time, so this idea of swapping was super interesting to me. Rather than selling your unwanted items … Continue reading Don’t shop, Swap!

Vertical Farming

               As the world’s population continues to rise exponentially, it is brought into sharp focus the reality that it will soon become increasingly more difficult to provide an adequate food supply for the world’s billions. Dr. Dickson Despommier explores this issue and offers quite an inventive potential solution: vertical farming. This idea centers around utilizing urban space to construct buildings that can house floor after … Continue reading Vertical Farming