SEEKing a greener future in the Upstate and beyond

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Shi Center’s SEEK (Sustainability and Environmental Education for Kids) program! SEEK is an educational outreach project that work-study student Sofi Delgado-Perusquia ’12 and I initiated.  SEEK aims to develop environmental literacy through after-school programs in local public schools. Sofi and I will design, teach, and direct sustainability-related lessons/activities every other week. The lessons will be developed according … Continue reading SEEKing a greener future in the Upstate and beyond

Hollywood Goes Green!

Sometimes it may seem like environmentalists are this small niche group of hippies who don’t shower and preach of the ever looming ‘global warming’. But for you and me, hopefully people who see through this stereotype and support sustainability, or at least care enough to read about it, we know that there is so much more to the movement. Because of sustainability’s complexities it overlaps … Continue reading Hollywood Goes Green!

“Drunk on Power”

As nations across the globe seek to implement more efficient renewable energy sources into their energy production budgets, one recent endeavor in northern Scotland stands out as especially innovative. Supported by Helius Energy, a new electricity plant fueled by biomass, is set to be in motion by 2013, but what’s unique about this particular plant is that the biomass is in the form of solid … Continue reading “Drunk on Power”