Tripp SEEKing Seeds

Written by Mia El-Hamaki Many might be skeptical that K-5th graders could understand the concept of geothermal energy; however, one story-time, two worksheets, and three memory games later, the students at Armstrong Elementary not only understand the concept of geothermal energy, but they have grasped four distinct types of renewable energy. Through a program she developed called Sustainability and Environmental Education for Kids (SEEK), Landri … Continue reading Tripp SEEKing Seeds

Tracking Down the Footprint

Written by Kris Hajny At the Shi Center for Sustainability, my job as the Junior Sustainability Assessment Fellow is to collect data from numerous people and groups across campus and compile it all into a large spreadsheet which is then used to calculate the campus’ greenhouse gas emissions. We then report these findings to the ACUPCC (American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment).  After spending … Continue reading Tracking Down the Footprint

Reflection and Connection

Written by Landri Tripp During my freshman year, I was placed in a “first year seminar” with Dr. David Shaner titled “Life as Connection: Monism.”  Going into the class, I truly had no idea what to expect.  By the end of the semester, I had gained a refreshing perspective on myself and on the world.  The underlying idea of the course is that we (“we” … Continue reading Reflection and Connection

Green Birds for the New Year

Written by Mia El-Hamaki I’m a big fan of killing two birds with one stone. Well,  no,  I am absolutely not a bird muderer if that’s what you jumped to…However,  I do love the idea of achieving two objectives with a single effort. At Furman, it is a happy day when you are able to write two papers from one researching exhibition. Thrilling, actually.  So, I decided for the New Year, why not … Continue reading Green Birds for the New Year