Getting “Connected” with Lilly

Being a part of the Shi Center’s fellowship has revealed to me the dynamic nature of the word “sustainability.” Everyone in the program is applying their own unique passions and skills to furthering a different area of sustainability in Greenville. In their distinct ways, the group has come together to create a lasting impact on the local community. When I started this fellowship, I had … Continue reading Getting “Connected” with Lilly

On Summer Sweet Potatoes

Seeds, a community garden manual, “Reclaiming our Food”, and a Veggie Tales coloring book: I found these items on my desk Monday morning as I began my first day with Gardening for Good. Yes, it is going to be a good summer indeed. A branch of Greenville Forward, Gardening for Good is a network of local community gardens that utilizes the energy of the community … Continue reading On Summer Sweet Potatoes

Tracking Furman’s Sustainable Initiatives

Even though I am not a Furman student, I feel so humbled by the opportunity to work for the Shi Center this summer. As the assessment fellow I am in charge of keeping track of Furman’s sustainability initiatives through the two assessment systems: the Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG) and the Sustainable Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS). It is amazing how much progress Furman has made … Continue reading Tracking Furman’s Sustainable Initiatives

West Greenville Redevelopment

Infill. Derelict. Development. Planning. Economics. BRT. CBD. Urban Naturalist. Community Quest. These words are quickly becoming my everyday lingo as I work for the City of Greenville, and I definitely never even saw it coming. My internship at the City of Greenville Community Development Office is shaping up to be a wonderful experience, but I have had to play a lot of catch up to … Continue reading West Greenville Redevelopment

Community Gardening in Greenville, A Closer Look

There have already been a few blogs this summer about projects involving food systems, and with good reason. Food is of course universal but gardening, local/ sustainable agriculture and organic growing are all enjoying a renewed interest in recent years. This is not to say that any of these practices are new, but rather that interest in them rises and falls almost cyclically throughout history. … Continue reading Community Gardening in Greenville, A Closer Look

Policy Perceptions and the Local Food Movement in the Upstate

The local foods movement has been gaining ground in the Upstate of South Carolina over the last decade as farmer’s markets have become trendy and stores like the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery and Whole Foods, which sell local produce, are becoming popular places to shop.  After four years of studying environmental science and policy, I have found my passion in small-scale agriculture and federal … Continue reading Policy Perceptions and the Local Food Movement in the Upstate

The Furman Farm: Summer 2013 – The Beginning

When I was first asked to be the assistant manager at the Furman Farm, I was honestly a little bit nervous. I had worked as an intern on a farm last summer and gone on the Slow Food: Italy May X. However, I knew that managing a farm would be a little different. Besides the actual farming and gardening, there are many other aspects to … Continue reading The Furman Farm: Summer 2013 – The Beginning

Sustainability through the Years

Written by Alex Craig Furman has experienced significant progress with regards to sustainability practices. This is a widely accepted piece of common knowledge both on campus and within the community. With this overarching notion of success, we often lose sight of the many tangible steps the university has taken to reach where we stand today. This summer, I will be researching the history behind the … Continue reading Sustainability through the Years