Culture Shocks: Two Sides of One Story

This morning, I sat on the balcony of my apartment, facing a small forest of giant trees. I closed my eyes, and heard the rooftop rainwater dripping down the pipe, onto the tree leaves, the stone paths, the lower roofs. I heard the singing birds flying by, and the tree leaves up high padding each other in the wind. The sound of the leaves gradually … Continue reading Culture Shocks: Two Sides of One Story

Energy on Campus

My work at the Shi Center this summer is made up of two projects: the geothermal installation of Furman’s on-campus apartment buildings and Furman’s Energy Dashboard project. Geothermal Energy Ground source heat pumps utilize the temperature of the earth to heat and cool buildings more efficiently. While air temperatures continually fluctuate throughout the year, ground temperatures remain fairly constant. Instead of relying solely on electricity … Continue reading Energy on Campus

National Impact Expected

“On your left!” *Ding* *Dingding* Oh, the sounds of the Greenville Hospital System’s Swamp Rabbit Trail. Walkers, runners, (uni)cyclists, rollerbladers and epicures alike flock to the trail in droves. The 18 mile paved physical activity thoroughfare brings 360,000 new users a year. It pumps new life into an already thriving downtown. Greenville’s metropolitan statistical area measures 800,000 people; the trail is hugely successful in pulling local residents … Continue reading National Impact Expected

Connecting Body, Mind, and Environment in a Place of Peace

For many people Hei-Sei-Ji, or The Place of Peace, is just “the temple on the hill,” standing aloof from the day-to-day affairs of the greater Furman community. Unless they’ve had a class meet in the temple, few people have even had the opportunity to look inside. This is truly disappointing, as Hei-Sei-Ji was originally gifted to Furman University as a living artifact, designed to actively … Continue reading Connecting Body, Mind, and Environment in a Place of Peace

Back for the Summer at the CCC

I am back working for the Community Conservation Corps for the summer and we have got a lot planned in the next couple of months. The Community Conservation Corps (CCC) is an organization within the Shi Center ran by Andy Wallin, an AmeriCorps volunteer. The CCC weatherizes homes in under-served community around Greenville. Weatherization is a term used by energy efficiency community that translates to … Continue reading Back for the Summer at the CCC