Sustainablity and Environmental Education Program

SEEK, or Sustainability and Environmental Education for Kids, is a relatively new program for the Shi Center. The mission of the Shi Center is environmental awareness within Furman as well as in the greater Greenville community. SEEK is a community based program serving kids and ultimately families in the area . Education is a powerful tool to combat against environmental degradation and unsustainable practices. Teaching kids as they … Continue reading Sustainablity and Environmental Education Program

Buddhism and Sustainability

At the core of Buddhist philosophy is the concept of the fundamental interconnectedness of all life.  It recognizes the inherent co-dependence of each and every part of an ecosystem or community, and makes a deliberate move away from anthropocentrism, a trait that easily overlaps with the tenets of the modern sustainability movement. Many of the environmental issues we are currently facing can ultimately be traced … Continue reading Buddhism and Sustainability

Sustainable Communities

When most people think of sustainability, they think things like recycling, biking instead of driving, renewable energy, or using those fancy twisty light bulbs. In reality, sustainability can extend much farther than that, encompassing a lot more than just the individual activities of a handful of people. For me, one of the most important aspects of sustainability is building healthy, engaged communities that can come … Continue reading Sustainable Communities


Getting people involved in sustainability and the protection of the environment can be challenging; especially when the students don’t know anything about it. My position at the Shi Center is new this year, and as the Student Outreach and Engagement Fellow my job is to incorporate student life with environmental opportunities around campus and in the community. Coming into this position, I knew a little … Continue reading Sustain-a-What?

A Different Kind of Environmentalist

One thing I’ve known about myself ever since I majored in Sustainability Science is that I’m not your typical environmentalist. I wasn’t a scout of any kind, I never go backpacking and rarely even camped in my childhood, and to put it bluntly, I don’t like the outdoors. This may seem like a contradiction to you, as it does to many, and again just this … Continue reading A Different Kind of Environmentalist