Working at the Place of Peace

I just applied and got accepted to work at Place of Peace this September, 2013 with my friend, Xueer. Place of Peace is a Japanese temple, originally from Nagoya, Japan. It was owned by a family until this family decided to immigrant to the United States. One of the family members became good friends with Dr. Shaner, who taught Philosophy classes at Furman University. When … Continue reading Working at the Place of Peace


The compost pile is alive! Unbeknownst to the naked eye, a compost pile is filled with millions of microorganisms breaking down organic matter. My job as the assistant compost manager at the Furman Farm is to maintain an environment suitable for the microorganisms to thrive; in turn, creating a beautiful, rich pile of compost. A suitable environment consists of the correct ratio of food, water, … Continue reading Composting

Sustainability Conferences – Planet Forward

A handful of students as well as two professors from Furman were able to participate in the Planet Forward conference in Washington D.C. at the end of this past October.  The planet forward summit had one main goal: To address the problem of meeting the food needs of a population estimated to be as high as 9 billion in 2050 while at the same time … Continue reading Sustainability Conferences – Planet Forward

Furman Recycles: The Basics

Recently I have learned that Furman has been unable to give the crash course in recycling I received my freshman year during orientation week. Thus, as recycling assistant for the campus, I thought it might be worthwhile to write a few basic details about the recycling program. Although the concept of recycling may seem fairly straightforward, there are a few caveats about Furman’s program that … Continue reading Furman Recycles: The Basics