Applying Full Cost Analysis

As the full cost analysis fellow, my time of late has been dedicated to developing a template of exactly how full costs would apply to an example such as the Civilian Conservation Corps. This template consists of “public” and “private” costs. The public costs consist of costs that affect the community as a whole. The private costs consist of costs that affect a company specifically … Continue reading Applying Full Cost Analysis

Traveler’s Rest takes the Spotlight

As a Shi Center Fellow at the City of Greenville, I have been challenged lately to reconceptualize what makes a place unique and how to get people on board with that image. Today Arnett Muldrow and Associates, a consulting firm working with the City of Greenville, will unveil their branding and logos for Greenville’s “West Side.” The “West Side” is an internal term used by … Continue reading Traveler’s Rest takes the Spotlight

Sustainability Down Under

G’day mates! Last fall I took my studies to Australia where I attended James Cook University in the beautiful city of Cairns. My coursework at JCU, travels around the country, and friendships created with people from all over the world made for an unforgettable and extremely beneficial experience. I chose JCU because it is very well known for its Sustainability Science program and it offers … Continue reading Sustainability Down Under