Ecoacoustics and Ecomusicology

What are ecoacoustics? What is ecomusicology? These are some questions that I am sure not many people have even conceived. As an AVD Fellow creating an informational video about both of those topics, I should know the answers. But then again, most academics in both the music and ecology related fields are not completely sure what it is, or even how the two are connected. … Continue reading Ecoacoustics and Ecomusicology

Recycling at Furman

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The “3 R’s”. Every student learns these very early on, and recycling is engrained in our minds from that point forward. We know we should recycle, we’re aware of the benefits – the problem becomes the follow-through. Whether it’s lack of knowledge about local recycling programs, some things can be difficult to recycle, lack of close-by facilities, or sometimes just a harmless … Continue reading Recycling at Furman

Two Potential Problems

My work at the Shi Center has revealed some significant flaws within the world of sustainability. First off, the world of sustainability is political and the renewable energy market is dominated by government-enforced utility monopolies. Take South Carolina for an example. In early June, a bill was passed to raise South Carolina’s solar capacity for both residential and non-residential institutions. Everyone that had anything to … Continue reading Two Potential Problems

Final reporting year

This is my senior year and also the third year that I’ll be working on Furman’s campus assessments the greenhouse gas assessment (GHG report) and the Sustainability Tracking,  Assessment, and Rating System (STARS).  Although its strange to say this is my last year of reporting for Furman, I’m quite excited about this years reporting.  Previously, years that we submitted both STARS and a GHG report had … Continue reading Final reporting year