Food Systems and Connections

Upon questioning my understanding of food systems, I find an accurate comparison in thinking of a door left slightly ajar. It goes as so: In a dark room, the light from behind a slightly cracked door leeks a sliver of simulated-sunshine onto the floor. Behind the door lies the intricate web that is food systems: farming, food access, health, social justice, institutions, environment, infrastructure, culture, … Continue reading Food Systems and Connections

Assessing Furman’s Progress

Does Furman really care about sustainability? How do we compare to other schools? What changes can we make? These are all essential questions many students and faculty ask about Furman’s progress and it is part of my job to answer them. I am a Junior Assessment Fellow and have been working specifically with the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS). STARS is a reporting … Continue reading Assessing Furman’s Progress

Sidewalks, Bikes, and Overall Sustainable Transportation at Furman

This year I’ve been delighted to be working at the Shi Center. There are really some great projects underway and it is really a wonderful environment to work in. As the transportation fellow, my main responsibilities have dealt with making Furman a more pedestrian and bike friendly campus. This summer the Shi Center worked to take two major steps towards making this possible. One of … Continue reading Sidewalks, Bikes, and Overall Sustainable Transportation at Furman