Importance of Upkeep

Upkeep is a very important part of any sort of landscaping employed anywhere. As time progresses, the landscape architecture begins to overgrow and overwhelm the area being beautified. If not rectified, initial input of arranging the landscape is later laid to waste. It is important to have people who know how to sustain landscape that is initially implemented and designed to enhance the look of … Continue reading Importance of Upkeep

More Than Just a Trail

In 2008, an abandoned railroad was officially transformed into a notable sustainability initiative in the form of a trail right in our community- the Greenville Hospital System Swamp Rabbit Trail. The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 14.5 mile rails-to-trail trail system that connects Traveler’s Rest, Furman University, and the city of Greenville. I am honored that as an AVD videographer/Storyteller fellow at the Shi … Continue reading More Than Just a Trail