Furman Earns Gold STARS

Since the STARS report is now complete this semester, I have been working on analyzing the information from the report. ¬†Furman University received a Gold rating on STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System) for the first time. In general, Furman excelled in the areas of Academics and Engagement. There are a total of 684 courses offered that include sustainability, and twenty-four academic departments at … Continue reading Furman Earns Gold STARS


Darrin Anderson Conserving significant sites is important. As time progresses, areas begin to degrade and get overrun. When the area is run-down, people do not look at the area as something significant, rather as a battered place that needs to be fixed up. After too long, the area begins to look as if it is not even worth restoring due to the over-degraded state, but … Continue reading Conservation