Introduction to the Year

Welcome back to the Furman Green Scene Blog!

My name is Caneel and I am one of the Communications and Outreach Fellows for the David E. Shi Center here at Furman University for the 2015-2016 school year. I am in charge of the social media for the center so the blog falls under that realm. This blog is a way for the Center as well as its numerous fellows who work within it to keep the public updated on everything happening around the Center and around campus.

In order for the readers to not get bored with what we post here on the blog we came up with a system that we have been using for the past couple of years that seems to be going pretty well. Each week, typically on Friday, we will have a blog submission from one of the multiple fellows that work at the Center. They will be able to tell you about what their role at the Center is, what their plan for the year is and how their job at the center can be applied to sustainability as a whole.

While the posts here will be weekly, if you would like to be involved with more up to date news about the Center please follow us on:

Facebook- David E. Shi Center for Sustainability

Instagram- sustainablefurman

Twitter- SustainableFurman

We hope you follow our blog and other social medias to stay up to date on the news about sustainability here at Furman and stay tuned to our post next week from our first fellow.

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