Food As We Know It

  For the longest while, I’ve been purchasing certified USDA Organic products. Before working at Whole Foods Market, I never really knew what it meant for a product to be considered USDA Organic. However, after a dreadful three-days-worth of training videos, I can confidently tell you what it means for a product to be certified USDA Organic. For a product to get the USDA Organic … Continue reading Food As We Know It

River Report Card Fellow

Coming into the position as the “River Report Card Fellow,” I expected to learn more about water quality levels and South Carolina’s upstate region. However, the most memorable event that I have had the pleasure of being a part of was a strengths building retreat with the members of the Upstate Forever office. Upstate Forever has done a great job of establishing themselves in the … Continue reading River Report Card Fellow

Community Outreach to Promote Sustainable Health Outcomes

Americans across the country are effected by Healthcare, but those individuals who lack resources can be effected exponentially more. Many people know how expensive a trip to the hospital can be, so they try to avoid it at all costs. They use other means of accessing care in the form of primary care physician visits and over the counter medications to alleviate diseases in their … Continue reading Community Outreach to Promote Sustainable Health Outcomes