UCapture: Furman’s Next Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

In 2009, Furman’s Board of Trustees unanimously determined to integrate sustainability into the University culture under the framework Sustainable Furman.  As part of that plan, the University made the ambitious decision to become Carbon Neutral by 2026.

More than eight years later with multiple LEED certified buildings, a number seven rating in the Sustainable Campus Index, and five percent of its total energy produced by solar power, UCapture is Furman’s next step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

What is UCapture?

UCapture is a free climate change solution that automatically offsets your carbon footprint when you shop with over 2,500 online partners.  

They accomplish this by using marketing commissions, paid by their partners, to fund Carbon Offset projects such as reforestation, methane capture, and renewable energy. 

How does UCapture help Furman achieve Carbon Neutrality?

UCapture benefits Furman in a number of ways:

First, and foremost, UCapture has the potential to significantly reduce the school’s net carbon footprint as it seeks to achieve carbon neutrality.  But this requires you!

When you register through Furman’s Referral Link – www.ucapture.com/furman – UCapture will automatically give a 10% Carbon Offset Bonus to Furman on all of your activity.

Also, as a referral of Furman, you have the opportunity to Gift your Carbon Offsets to the school as a free donation towards our sustainability goals.

Both of these pathways accumulate Carbon Offsets in Furman’s UCapture Account which the school can then use in its official Carbon Footprint Inventory.

Furman is also seeking opportunities to use the UCapture platform for its own spending.  For example, by encouraging faculty and staff to book work-related travel through one of UCapture’s many travel partners – including Expedia, Orbitz, Marriott, Hilton, and Avis. Considering that 14% of Furman’s carbon emissions come from air travel, Furman can benefit from this.

Finally, as a place of higher-learning, Furman is eager to educate its community on more sustainable practices, including responsible consumption habits.  By engaging students and alumni to UCapture, Furman continues to fulfill its pledge to spread knowledge about critical social issues.

How does this affect you?

Your consumption creates greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and methane.  These gases cause global warming, which leads to dangerous forms of climate change.

We may not feel these effects as frequently on the Furman campus; but your Carbon Footprint imposes a cost on society that is felt by others in heat waves, flooding, droughts and more.

Fortunately, UCapture provides an easy, fun and free way to start reducing your carbon footprint, which is the responsible thing for the environment and the future!

How do you sign up?

To sign up for a free UCapture account, please use Furman’s Referral Link:


After signing up, install the UCapture Extension to your Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers on laptop and desktop computers. 

Then, UCapture will automatically offset your carbon footprint as you browse the internet and shop with their partners.

Internship Opportunities

UCapture is seeking self-motivated leaders to act as “Brand Ambassadors” to engage the Furman community and expand our positive environmental impact.

This part-time internship (target 3-5 hours per week), enables you to work on your own schedule to recruit and educate Furman students on the UCapture platform.

Brand Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to engage with local businesses and institutions.  Contact laura.bain@furman.edu for more info.

Important Note:

This writer, UCapture, and Furman support responsible consumption practices generally, and emphasize recycling, reducing, reusing, up-cycling, composting, sharing, donating, and all other simple strategies for reducing our carbon footprint as we consume.

As the writer of this blog post, my advice is that UCapture’s Extension and App are wonderful tools to reduce your carbon footprint; however, I urge you to only consume with purpose.  Meaning only buy what is truly needed. 

If you have any questions that were not answered on this blog, please visit  https://www.ucapture.com/furman for details.


Featured Images from: https://www.ucapture.com and https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/ignite-wanderlust-100-images-open-road



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