My Summer with LiveWell Greenville

What do you think of when you hear the word “sustainability”? For me “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been ingrained into my mind and sustainability sparks ideas of cutting down fossil fuel usage and finding new energy sources like wind or solar energy. Before working with LiveWell Greenville I had neglected to acknowledge two other entirely separate pieces to the puzzle that is sustainability. LiveWell Greenville … Continue reading My Summer with LiveWell Greenville

Farms, Kids, & Futures

This summer I have had the opportunity to work with the greatest, funniest, silliest, and most difficult group of teenagers through a local non profit – Mill Village Farms. Here is what a day in the life of a crew leader looks like… I like to label myself as the transportation administrator. This means that I have the prestigious responsibility of driving the bus for … Continue reading Farms, Kids, & Futures

The Meaning of the Bicycle

Quick. What feeling comes to mind when you hear the word “bicycle?” Excitement, joy, frustration, anxiety, annoyance? When I speak about my interest in bicycles, I sometimes get surprised looks of slight confusion. Why focus one’s efforts on bicycling of all things? Why do bike lanes matter? What’s the point? Answers to these questions have been evolving along my journey with bicycles. Entering my Sophomore … Continue reading The Meaning of the Bicycle