Paladin Pickers

Every year, college students across the US throw away millions of good quality, functional dormitory items when they move out.  Year after year, dumpsters fill up during finals with great clothes, furniture, and appliances that are perfectly reusable.  Countless schools have acknowledged this problem, creating various programs to reduce their carbon footprint over move-out.  Furman is just getting started with the Paladin Pickers program that … Continue reading Paladin Pickers

5 of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Life More Green

Since taking on this fellowship as the Shi Center’s Green Office Fellow, I have learned a lot about the little things that individuals can do to help contribute to making their office more eco-friendly. Some of these switches seemed obvious to me as a Sustainability major, and I was kind of amazed when we would receive reports from departments that missed (what I would have … Continue reading 5 of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Life More Green