The Greenville Zoo & You

by Julia Clementes The Greenville Zoo is small, spanning across just 14 acres. Located within Cleveland Park, the zoo is unable to expand, and thus limited in the animals that it is able to display. In spite of this, the Zoo draws in crowds with some 300,000 visitors annually. Photo courtesy of the Greenville Zoo Even with its small size, the Zoo is involved in … Continue reading The Greenville Zoo & You

Bridging the Gap

by Sophie Friis I’ve driven over the Pete Hollis Bridge probably a thousand times over my years growing up in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s a six-lane, steel stringer bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad. As one drives over the bridge, a rusty water tower interrupts the sight-line where, when I was a kid, it was spray painted with a heartfelt “JimBob loves Aleah.” This bridge … Continue reading Bridging the Gap

What’s Water Got to Do With It?

By Burke Lipscomb Water makes the world go round. It held true in ancient civilizations and remains applicable in our modern day cities. I never thought about the impact that water has on our day-to-day lives until I began working with some of the people who manage it. The Environmental Engineering division in the City of Greenville oversees all stormwater utilities and manages the Municipal … Continue reading What’s Water Got to Do With It?

Strength in Numbers: How Cities Are Championing a More Sustainable, Social, and Equitable Future

by Susie Wold Here in the SC Upstate if you were to approach a person at random on the street and ask what words they associate with cities, you might get something along the lines of “dirty,” “dangerous,” “crowded,” or “impersonal.” In actuality, though, cities are on the forefront of sustainability. They prove to lower the carbon footprint and increase social equity of their residents, … Continue reading Strength in Numbers: How Cities Are Championing a More Sustainable, Social, and Equitable Future

Sustainability in the Classroom

by Matt Martin “Combustible fósil. Gasolina sin plomo. Petróleo” I recited to myself amidst a room filled with students busily soaking in as much of the Spanish language as possible before the upcoming verbal assessment on the natural environment. As I noticed the trend of exhaustible resources in the vocabulary list, I began to wonder why renewable energy remained an overlooked topic in my classroom. … Continue reading Sustainability in the Classroom