HEALing Greenville County

There are many ways for one to heal, whether that’s mentally, spiritually, or physically. While all of these are in a way connected, HEALing or healthy eating and active living is key to not only ensuring the health of people everywhere, but specifically the residents of Greenville County. Without knowledge about the health state of Greenville county, simply being in the South causes one to think of it in a negative connotation. Live Well Greenville is a wonderful organization that works with over 150 different partners throughout the county to champion healthy eating and active living through policy, systems, and environmental changes.

We want to make Greenville County the healthiest place to live in the nation. Sounds great right? It’s a lot harder to do than what meets the surface. Behavior change is the hardest thing to do but there are so many great things going on right now to push people down the right track. Park Hop is one of those things!


Park Hop is a summer-long free scavenger hunt in parks across Greenville County. Originally spearheaded by LiveWell Greenville, it encourages children and families to discover different parks throughout the summer while searching for clues. Depending on the number of clues completed by the end of the summer, children can earn prizes.

Studies have shown that children gain weight over the summer due to lack of physical activity and increased sedentary activities. Park Hop is trying to combat this problem, even in a small way. Consistently bringing children to parks and spending time outdoors will help them grow to become more physically activing in a fun and safe way.


In every age group, Greenville County residents have on average higher obesity rates than the rest of the state of South Carolina, which is already one of the most unhealthy states in the country. At this rate, lifestyles are not sustainable in the long run. Teaching children young that being physically active and eating healthy are fun will only lead to healthier generations through time and decrease our rates of chronic disease.

Even small changes in your lifestyle can have lasting impacts on your health. Today, try and skip the cream in your coffee or have fruit for dessert. Go on a walk after dinner or walk on the treadmill while watching tv. Behavior change needs to start small and before you know it you feel better, look better, and do better.

Live Well, Greenville!

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