Energy Conservation

by Eric Holt This summer I have been working with the Community Conservation Core, a program run through the Shi Center here at Furman University. The goal of this program is to increase energy efficiency of residential locations. Increasing energy efficiency has a variety of positive impacts spanning many different aspects of everyday life. Many homeowners are unaware that by doing simple things like installing … Continue reading Energy Conservation

Discovering the Plan

By: Brook Denny Look, things are on the horizon. We’re living in a world of change. To me, change is exciting. It represents the next step, the future, and innovation. Right now, in your back yard change is happening. Have you noticed? This summer I have spent my time to produce the guidelines and foundations for positive, sustainable, and smart change within the City of … Continue reading Discovering the Plan

Visualize This!

Visualize This! by Amy Stewart We are constantly surrounded by data, whether on the news, in our offices or even in the classroom. Today, big data, both structured and unstructured, is predominately affecting how policies are being made and is used to reveal important associations of human behaviors.  However, as the wide use of data advances, we must continue to analyze patterns, trends and associations. … Continue reading Visualize This!

“What is an Indicator Fellow? Actually what even is an indicator?”

“What is an Indicator Fellow? Actually what even is an indicator?” By: Rob Cain When people ask what I am doing this summer at the Shi Center, I naturally respond that I am the Indicator Fellow. Almost without fail, I am subsequently asked two questions “What is an indicator fellow? Actually, what even is an indicator?”. It took me until the end of the first week … Continue reading “What is an Indicator Fellow? Actually what even is an indicator?”

Ingredients at your fingertips

My entrance into the world of permaculture and hyperlocal farm to table cuisine began a few months ago on a small organic farm tucked away behind a little white house atop a hill on Poinsett Highway. Here on this farm I met a dedicated crew all motivated by the vision of a restaurant changing the way food is grown, prepared and consumed. Three months later, … Continue reading Ingredients at your fingertips

Do You Have a Moment to Talk about Ira Glass?

It’s basically impossible to talk about your college major without indulging in clichés, so I’ll just get right into it: I’ve always loved stories. That doesn’t make me unique, of course. We all have the same natural inclination towards storytelling, probably because it’s the oldest thing we’ve been doing for entertainment. Top three, at the very least. We amuse ourselves with narratives; we impose narratives … Continue reading Do You Have a Moment to Talk about Ira Glass?