Fostering Sustainable Communities

By: Charlotte Moore It’s hard to implicate sustainability programs in unstable communities. After all, how can we expect residents to focus on recycling and reducing impact when they feel insecure in their neighborhood?  If you’re familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this might sound familiar.  Maslow explains that people can’t meet more complex needs, like self-esteem and belonging, if their more basic needs, such as … Continue reading Fostering Sustainable Communities

Addressing Food Waste

By: Harrison Broyles My biggest heartbreak at work was always on Saturday nights. Most people would lament the missed social opportunities or the loss of sleep, but my heart was hurting for the amount of food my boss made me throw out. To “reset” the week, we would throw out endless pre-made salads, wraps, and fruit, all of which could have been eaten for another … Continue reading Addressing Food Waste

Weatherizing Homes

By: Lia Paw Hello everyone! My name is Lia Paw, and I am an international student from Burma. I am working as a Community Conservation Corps Fellow at the Shi Center during the 2019-20 Academic Year. In this fellowship, I complete house weatherization projects and run analyses on the energy saved after the weatherization of a home.  We also distribute flyers to advertise our service … Continue reading Weatherizing Homes

Podcasts coming soon…

By: Gerrard Hanly This past summer, I started working as the Podcast Fellow for the Collaborative Community Engaged Learning here at the Shi Center. It was the first time this position was offered, making me the first ever Podcast Fellow. Exciting! Even more exciting is that I get to continue my work this fall semester to bring the stories of Greenville to life. Right now, … Continue reading Podcasts coming soon…