On the Farm

By: Whitni Simpson

As the Furman Farm Student Manager, I work alongside Bruce Adams and our Composting Fellow to help Furman’s food system function sustainably. At the farm, we grow and harvest an abundance of vegetables, herbs, and fruits using organic practices. This food then goes directly to the dining hall and the waste leftover comes right back to us and is repurposed as compost to grow more food. This system creates a positive feedback loop that is sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. In addition to carrying out agricultural tasks, I am also responsible for coordinating student labor and volunteers to ensure that we have enough hands on deck to enable success. Additionally, I assist with planning and executing education and outreach efforts to spread knowledge about sustainable agriculture. This task often entails leading labs but also includes coming up with a project for Furman Engaged to not only show the Furman community what I have been doing all year but also why it is important.

Red Cabbage

Here is some of the beautiful produce we are currently growing: Red Cabbage!

I first became interested in working at the farm when my sustainability class did a lab at the Furman Farm during the first semester of my freshman year. I remember feeling so happy and energized by the fact that we have such an amazing resource on our campus. I would even say the experience solidified my interest in sustainability. While I enjoy learning about sustainability in the classroom, I believe that hands-on learning is so important and essential to truly being able to map out a sustainable future. I am so thankful that I get to be a part of Furman’s sustainable mission!

Another great component on the farm is our sweet girl Svetlana! She serves as both a natural pest control and a friend to our workers! We love her and her daily greetings!

Thanks for reading this week’s blog! I hope this gave some insight as to what goes on here at the Furman Farm!

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