It All Comes Full Circle!

By: Dominique Martin Hello! My name is Dominique, and I am the current Student Assistant Compost Manager for the Furman Farm. My fellowship entails picking up food waste from various locations across campus and depositing them at our compost site on the R.L. Grace property. In addition to this aspect of my job, I am also the lead student that maintains the compost on our … Continue reading It All Comes Full Circle!

What’s Up with This Weather, Greenville?

By: Will Ridley Having lived in the south my entire life, it’s no surprise when the weather fluctuates. Every summer in the south is miserably hot and some winter weeks are colder here than up north. It could rain four days in a row and be sunny without a cloud in the sky for the entire week following. I have learned to expect the unexpected … Continue reading What’s Up with This Weather, Greenville?

Recycling and Trash

By: Tyler Carlson My name is Tyler Carlson, I am a senior here at Furman University and I have held the Recycling and Compost Auditor position for the past three years.  Here at Furman University’s Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities, I am responsible for ensuring the campus is kept clean by collecting recycling and compost in designated bins. In my free time, I have created … Continue reading Recycling and Trash