“Drunk on Power”

As nations across the globe seek to implement more efficient renewable energy sources into their energy production budgets, one recent endeavor in northern Scotland stands out as especially innovative. Supported by Helius Energy, a new electricity plant fueled by biomass, is set to be in motion by 2013, but what’s unique about this particular plant is that the biomass is in the form of solid … Continue reading “Drunk on Power”

Vertical Farming

               As the world’s population continues to rise exponentially, it is brought into sharp focus the reality that it will soon become increasingly more difficult to provide an adequate food supply for the world’s billions. Dr. Dickson Despommier explores this issue and offers quite an inventive potential solution: vertical farming. This idea centers around utilizing urban space to construct buildings that can house floor after … Continue reading Vertical Farming

“Winners and Losers at Global and Local Scales”

On October 7th, the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department hosted a guest lecturer, Dr. Ian Bryceson, who has worked in collaboration with Professor Beymer-Farris to research the human-environment relationships in Tanzania, primarily focusing on the sustainability of aquaculture systems. Dr. Bryceson’s research has also included comparative studies in both Norway and Malaysia to further evaluate the global state of small-scale fisheries and coastal and marine … Continue reading “Winners and Losers at Global and Local Scales”

China Reflections

During the last month of summer, I traveled to Shenyang, China in Liaoning Province (northeast region) for a month to participate in an intensive language study program. When I stepped out of the Shenyang train station, I was struck again by just how polluted the cities are in this country. You breathe in and can just feel how thick the air is entering your lungs, … Continue reading China Reflections

A Most Fond Farewell

            This May will mark the departure of greatly admired professor and liaison (both Faculty Sustainability Liaison and Academic Facilities Liaison), Dr. Frank Powell, from Furman University. Having begun his career as a Health and Exercise Science professor 37 years ago, Dr. Powell has since expanded his influence to transforming Furman’s sustainable future, and has proven to be one of Furman’s most dedicated proponents of … Continue reading A Most Fond Farewell

Furman Tribe Found!

I’m starting the semester off in pretty good spirits I’d say- I just learned that I’ve been accepted as a participant in Furman’s “Tribe Wanted” Maymester to take place in Vorovoro, Fiji! Along with 18 others, I’ll be embarking on this 3-week experience to one of the most remote islands of the South Pacific- I am absolutely psyched! We’ll be partaking in a sustainable development … Continue reading Furman Tribe Found!

Arbor Day Celebration at Furman

               In the midst of midterms, homecoming, and a myriad of Halloween arrangements, Furman finds itself preparing for yet another exciting on-campus event: the Arbor Day Tree Planting Celebration.                 Furman is one of only six schools nationwide chosen to host such a celebration and was awarded the honor of being selected for the 2010 class of Tree Campus USA schools. Sponsored by the Arbor … Continue reading Arbor Day Celebration at Furman

How big are YOUR feet?

I’ve been working on completing and editing Furman’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the fiscal year 2009 over the past few weeks with Dr. Amelie Davis. We began the organization of this data for the inventory during the spring semester of last year in my Sustainability and Low Carbon Society class, taught by Dr. Davis, through which we worked to evaluate Furman’s total greenhouse gas emissions. … Continue reading How big are YOUR feet?

Climate Change and Termites

We see evidence of climate change all around us; glaciers are melting at an exceedingly fast rate, sea levels are beginning to rise because of this melt, and the future of agriculture lies in the balance, as land and vegetation change will soon determine agricultural success in a certain area. These effects are coupled with the need to understand exactly where and how drastically climate … Continue reading Climate Change and Termites

“Putting the ‘Green’ Back in Greenville”

On April 10, 2010, five groups of Furman students volunteering with Heller Service Corps set out into the greater Greenville area to participate in a large-scale weatherization event. Deemed by Dr. Shi as the Community Conservation Corps (CCC), these Furman students visited five different sites, helping to green citizens’ homes and make a difference in the lives of many. I was just one of these … Continue reading “Putting the ‘Green’ Back in Greenville”