Furman’s Sustainable Progress

Written by Divya Khandke Now that the my summer fellowship has come to a close, I can say that over just a few months I learned so much about Furman University’s sustainable initiatives. Furman has numerous different programs and credits that contribute to its success and has so much to be proud of. As Furman progresses towards its carbon neutral goal of 2026, it will … Continue reading Furman’s Sustainable Progress

History of Furman Sustainability Compiled

Written by Alex Craig This summer, I’ve worked at the Shi Center as the History of Sustainability Fellow. Unlike most Shi Center Fellows, I came into the position with little knowledge about Furman’s sustainability initiatives. I was attracted to the fellowship because it was clearly catered to a history major. Seeing this, I applied for the job and was excited to potentially infuse my expertise … Continue reading History of Furman Sustainability Compiled

Culture Shocks: Two Sides of One Story

This morning, I sat on the balcony of my apartment, facing a small forest of giant trees. I closed my eyes, and heard the rooftop rainwater dripping down the pipe, onto the tree leaves, the stone paths, the lower roofs. I heard the singing birds flying by, and the tree leaves up high padding each other in the wind. The sound of the leaves gradually … Continue reading Culture Shocks: Two Sides of One Story

Sustainability through the Years

Written by Alex Craig Furman has experienced significant progress with regards to sustainability practices. This is a widely accepted piece of common knowledge both on campus and within the community. With this overarching notion of success, we often lose sight of the many tangible steps the university has taken to reach where we stand today. This summer, I will be researching the history behind the … Continue reading Sustainability through the Years