A Different Kind of Environmentalist

One thing I’ve known about myself ever since I majored in Sustainability Science is that I’m not your typical environmentalist. I wasn’t a scout of any kind, I never go backpacking and rarely even camped in my childhood, and to put it bluntly, I don’t like the outdoors. This may seem like a contradiction to you, as it does to many, and again just this … Continue reading A Different Kind of Environmentalist

RecycleMania: The Results Are In!!!

As some of you might know, for the past 8-weeks I have been working as Furman’s RecycleMania coordinator for the RecycleMania competition. It is a recycling competition amongst universities all over the country to encourage better recycling and waste habits amongst students and reward universities who are striving to improve their campus’ ecological footprint. Last week the results of the competition were published, and I … Continue reading RecycleMania: The Results Are In!!!

Hollywood Goes Green!

Sometimes it may seem like environmentalists are this small niche group of hippies who don’t shower and preach of the ever looming ‘global warming’. But for you and me, hopefully people who see through this stereotype and support sustainability, or at least care enough to read about it, we know that there is so much more to the movement. Because of sustainability’s complexities it overlaps … Continue reading Hollywood Goes Green!

Don’t shop, Swap!

I was perusing my January/February edition of the Environmental Magazine a few weeks ago and noticed an interesting article entitled, “Swap ‘Til You Drop.” It was about the trending interest in ‘swapping.’ I am myself a yard sale aficionado, and dabble in second hand/antique shops from time to time, so this idea of swapping was super interesting to me. Rather than selling your unwanted items … Continue reading Don’t shop, Swap!

Sustainable Hobbit House

Check out this amazing story of Simon Dale’s “hobbit house” in Whales. As part of his commitment to the environment and his passion for self-reliant living, he hand built this house for him and his family from the existing landscape. According to Dale, “The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us [the family] a unique opportunity to live … Continue reading Sustainable Hobbit House

New carbon scrubber under development

One of the potential solutions to our current carbon dioxide problem is the effective yet controversial use of carbon scrubbers. Carbon scrubbers absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere and store it or process it for recycling. Critics argue that simply taking out carbon from the atmosphere is more costly and less effective than the simple solution of stopping excess carbon dioxide release in the first … Continue reading New carbon scrubber under development