Ingredients at your fingertips

My entrance into the world of permaculture and hyperlocal farm to table cuisine began a few months ago on a small organic farm tucked away behind a little white house atop a hill on Poinsett Highway. Here on this farm I met a dedicated crew all motivated by the vision of a restaurant changing the way food is grown, prepared and consumed. Three months later, … Continue reading Ingredients at your fingertips

Strength in Numbers: How Cities Are Championing a More Sustainable, Social, and Equitable Future

by Susie Wold Here in the SC Upstate if you were to approach a person at random on the street and ask what words they associate with cities, you might get something along the lines of “dirty,” “dangerous,” “crowded,” or “impersonal.” In actuality, though, cities are on the forefront of sustainability. They prove to lower the carbon footprint and increase social equity of their residents, … Continue reading Strength in Numbers: How Cities Are Championing a More Sustainable, Social, and Equitable Future

Conestee: Life of a Town at the Bottom of a Watershed

So there’s a lot to be said for history. History helps us know the mistakes we’ve made and how to correct and grow from them. The history that I am currently studying as part of my internship is the environmental history of a small mill town called Conestee, located a few miles below Greenville. The town has been in existence since the late 1700s when … Continue reading Conestee: Life of a Town at the Bottom of a Watershed

Have your candy and eat the wrapper too!

How would you feel eating a candy bar, and then eating the wrapper when you were done? My first reaction to hearing about edible food containers was a resounding “yuck!” but as I continued to think about this new idea for food packaging and processing, I began to think about both sides of the argument.  My initial disgust for the “edible wrapper” idea was based … Continue reading Have your candy and eat the wrapper too!

Shifting to a Synergistic Approach

A lot of people do not think about the long term effects of their actions; they see their lives as operating independently from everyone else.  People typically function in accordance with immediate results from lifestyle choices, but in order to strive for sustainability on a large scale it is crucial to switch this perspective towards one in pursuit of long-term goals.  This is not to … Continue reading Shifting to a Synergistic Approach

Most Unsustainable Foods

A growing number of studies and experts suggest that eating “green” is important for the health of our bodies and the planet.   Rather than completely revamping your diet, there are many small changes that you can make that can have a positive impact on the planet. Knowing and avoiding foods that have an especially large negative environmental impact can help reduce your environmental “food-print.” So, … Continue reading Most Unsustainable Foods

The Pool Garden, One Family’s Approach to Sustainability

One of the greatest things about the sustainability movement is the ingenuity it has inspired in so many people.  Creativity will be  essential in coming up with solutions to our current social, economic, and environmental issues. In Mesa, Arizona, one family has turned an empty and unsightly backyard pool into an urban garden which is completely capable of sustaining their family of four. Known as … Continue reading The Pool Garden, One Family’s Approach to Sustainability

Hollywood Goes Green!

Sometimes it may seem like environmentalists are this small niche group of hippies who don’t shower and preach of the ever looming ‘global warming’. But for you and me, hopefully people who see through this stereotype and support sustainability, or at least care enough to read about it, we know that there is so much more to the movement. Because of sustainability’s complexities it overlaps … Continue reading Hollywood Goes Green!

“Drunk on Power”

As nations across the globe seek to implement more efficient renewable energy sources into their energy production budgets, one recent endeavor in northern Scotland stands out as especially innovative. Supported by Helius Energy, a new electricity plant fueled by biomass, is set to be in motion by 2013, but what’s unique about this particular plant is that the biomass is in the form of solid … Continue reading “Drunk on Power”

My Swamp Rabbit Tale

Prompted by the beautiful 70 degree weather in mid-February, I recently set out on my first bike ride on the Greenville Hospital System Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail.  Swamp Rabbit is a 17.5 mile walking/biking trail that runs from Travelers Rest to downtown Greenville, and part of the trail happens to run alongside Furman’s campus.  My ride took me from campus to the northern end of … Continue reading My Swamp Rabbit Tale