A Summer on the Furman Farm

As a freshman, I remember frequently hearing about the alleged “Furman farm”. Naturally, when picturing this farm, I would visualize vast fields being plowed by tractors and roamed by cows. Then I would occasionally walk past the Shi Center and observe the large flourishing garden out back—surely, I thought, this couldn’t be the entire Furman farm, there must be more somewhere. I didn’t believe that … Continue reading A Summer on the Furman Farm

The Horror of Our Climate Crisis

I am a fan of a good horror movie, but one of the most infuriating things about horror movies are the choices that some of the characters make. I guess because we, as the audience, are hyper-aware of the fact that we are watching a horror movie, we are given a perspective and the information that the characters in the movie do not have. For … Continue reading The Horror of Our Climate Crisis

Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are the Future of the Automobile Market

Transportation emissions make up a very sizable portion of Furman’s yearly greenhouse gas report. One solution, electric vehicles, are a definite improvement over current gasoline powered cars, but I believe the future is hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. The gasoline powered car will not disappear, but we need to find more ways to phase it out. The fumes from gasoline … Continue reading Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are the Future of the Automobile Market

From A, to B, to the CCC

Point A: Reinventing Nature When I came to Furman my freshman year, I was excited and undecided. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t until my first year writing seminar, Reinventing Nature, when Dr. Speitz piqued my interest in sustainability. Ironically, when I had first gotten my course schedule for the fall semester, I had planned on dropping … Continue reading From A, to B, to the CCC

Are You Doing Enough to Further Sustainability?

Do you feel constantly bombarded with stories about another species extinction, record-breaking weather events and temperatures from climate change, or the overall threat of environmental catastrophe? Photos of polar bears gripping onto the last chunk of ice in warming arctic waters or vast expanses of previously thriving coral reefs bleached into a white, lifeless graveyard tug at the heartstrings of us all. According to a … Continue reading Are You Doing Enough to Further Sustainability?

Trash Exposed: Why Separating Your Food Waste Isn’t a Waste of Time

The Furman EcoReps chose their first event for the semester, Trash Exposed, to educate students about the amount and type of waste they produce. This event took place in the PalaDen on January 22nd. We collected a day’s worth of food waste from the PalaDen and displayed it to show students the reality of just how much of their food is wasted and how much trash … Continue reading Trash Exposed: Why Separating Your Food Waste Isn’t a Waste of Time

Valentine for Earth

Everyone either loves Valentine’s Day or loves to hate the holiday. Below all the consumerist expressions of affection, Valentine’s Day is really a holiday celebrating love. Of course, love extends further than love for a significant other, but sometimes we don’t celebrate the other loves in our life. For Valentine’s Day this year, the student fellows at the Shi Center were challenged to do something … Continue reading Valentine for Earth

Recycling: Furman’s Sustainable Lifestyle

Recycling is a key component in every sustainable waste management program across the globe. The extent of the recycling varies per the capital invested in the waste program by the mother company. Furman University, for example, has constantly encouraged sustainable living for their students as well as investing plenty of resources into their facilities operations. This, in turn, has led Furman’s campus close to peak … Continue reading Recycling: Furman’s Sustainable Lifestyle

Bon Appétit: Sustainable Food at Furman

Working with Bon Appetit has been an incredible privilege this semester. Each day I find myself more enthused to be working with a mission I believe in so deeply. I am so encouraged to be a part of Bon Appetit and the integrity they exhibit in efforts to support small local farms, advocate for farm workers’ rights, and provide quality and responsibly-grown foods. The information … Continue reading Bon Appétit: Sustainable Food at Furman