Affordable Housing as a Transportation Issue

by Lauren Prunkl After working for The Village Wrench bike shop both in the summer of 2016 and 2018, I have caught a very small glimpse of the massive changes occurring in the West Greenville area as well as Greenville as a whole. As a non-native, working at The Village Wrench in 2016 introduced me to some of the challenges Greenville faces such as a … Continue reading Affordable Housing as a Transportation Issue

Oh Land, The Beautiful: Natural Resource Concerns, Land Conservation, and the RCCP

Waterfall in Oconee State Park, SC By Lauren Coury   Land. It is all around us- it is a focus of our communities, culture, and politics. However, some of us take land for granted. We see it as an economic resource that can be used to meet the ever-flowing demands of population growth, consumption, and globalization. It is important to realize that preserved land is … Continue reading Oh Land, The Beautiful: Natural Resource Concerns, Land Conservation, and the RCCP

Combating Food Insecurity in Greenville

by Sean Thompson As a Furman student, it is sometimes hard to get outside the Furman bubble and recognize what is going on in the community outside the gates.  I had always known that hunger and food insecurity were a problem in Greenville, but I didn’t realize exactly how much until I began my internship.  In South Carolina, 1 in every 7 people suffers from food insecurity.  Food … Continue reading Combating Food Insecurity in Greenville

HEALing Greenville County

There are many ways for one to heal, whether that’s mentally, spiritually, or physically. While all of these are in a way connected, HEALing or healthy eating and active living is key to not only ensuring the health of people everywhere, but specifically the residents of Greenville County. Without knowledge about the health state of Greenville county, simply being in the South causes one to … Continue reading HEALing Greenville County

The Mushroom Kingdom on Oak Hill

Every morning I have the unique joy of watching the sunrise while at work. I’m not quite awake, probably didn’t go to bed early enough, and my brain isn’t running yet, but it’s worth seeing the farm at Oak Hill Café cloaked in the early morning mist. Two days of the week, I’m out in the garden from sunrise until the mist burns off and … Continue reading The Mushroom Kingdom on Oak Hill

Sustainable Community: a Healthcare Model

People often associate the Greenville Health System (GHS) with innovative, technologically forward healthcare opportunities. As GHS continues to grow across South Carolina, it is easy to focus on the new buildings and high-tech equipment. However, while this growth and expansion is quite astounding, some of the system’s greatest accomplishments are being made on a different front. GHS Accountable Communities initiative has become nationally recognized for … Continue reading Sustainable Community: a Healthcare Model

Foods, Jobs & Transportation

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a movie about two people going on a wacky journey home to Chicago for Thanksgiving. They end up going all over the country like the title suggest mainly by planes, trains, and cars. For many residents in Greenville, South Carolina these modes of transportation are not options for them. This creates many issues that people with easily accessible transportation do … Continue reading Foods, Jobs & Transportation