Meet Our Fellows for the 2019-20 Academic Year


Harrison Broyles (‘21) is a Junior Business Administration, Sustainability, and Economics major from Lexington, Kentucky. Harrison is working as the Shi Center’s Fellow for Food Waste and Food Insecurity and says, “​I’m super excited to promote win-win-solutions that can help out fellow students, Furman’s financial bottom line, the environment, Furman catering staff, or any combination of the above. Not every solution to our problems has to come at a cost to someone else, and I’m excited to frame problems in a solution-oriented manner.” In his free time, Harrison can be found hiking, running, cooking, hammocking, and watching Ted Talks. Harrison has also picked up driving for Uber Eats as a hobby.


Brook Denny (‘20) is a Senior Urban Studies major from Sherrill, New York. Brook is working as the Shi Center’s Alternative Transportation Fellow.Even before going on my study abroad program in Brussels, Belgium, a large metropolitan area with a flourishing public transportation system, I was always fascinated by public transportation. I knew that the United States landscape was different from those in other countries; however, despite the challenges that will arise, I hope to change public transportation in the US, and this was the way to start.” When she’s not busy looking at alternative transportation, Brook can be found hanging out with her loved ones, being involved with all things arts and crafts related, binge watching Netflix on a professional-level, and playing with her animals.

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Charlotte Moore (‘22) is a Sophomore Urban Studies major from Cincinnati, Ohio. Charlotte is working as the Shi Center’s Community Dialogue Fellow and states, “I was interested in this fellowship because I am passionate about fostering community in polarized places, especially in urban areas, and I love working with my community to make it a better place while also learning from what it has to teach me.” In her free time, Charlotte can be found hiking, playing the viola, running, baking, and hanging out with friends. 

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Sydney McManus (‘23) is a Freshman from Wilkesboro, North Carolina, who plans to major in Biology. Sydney is working as the Shi Center’s Sustainability Outreach and Engagement Fellow and says, “I became interested in this fellowship as I sought to learn, connect, and develop a greater appreciation for the environment which we call our home. By being given this opportunity, I hope to learn more about sustainability and share that knowledge with the community.” In her free time, Sydney can be found mountain biking, watching Netflix, doing all things crafty, and obsessing over her planner.


Whitney Sussman (‘23) is a Freshman from Merrick, New York, and plans to major in Health Sciences on a Pre-Med Track. Whitney is working as the Shi Center’s Assessment Fellow. “While completing independent research in high school, I fell in love with organizing data and drawing conclusions from what seemed like simple, random numbers! I have always been passionate about sustainability and participating in environmentally-friendly clubs and activities throughout my academic career.” When not working with numbers, Whitney can be found working out at the gym, relaxing with friends, and completing small arts and crafts projects.

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Lia Gaw Ghie Paw (‘23) is a Freshman, originally from Myanmar, and belonging to a Karen ethnic group, but she lived abroad in Japan for 3 years. The U.S. is her fourth culture to which she must adapt, and while at Furman she plans to major in neuroscience on a pre-med track. Lia is working as the Shi Center’s Community Conservative Corps Fellow and shares, “I have been active in sustainability activities since my first year in high school. I look forward to meeting new people off-campus and learning how to analyze weatherizations for Furman. As an international student, I also look forward to sharing my culture and experiences with my peers on campus and at work.” Lia’s hobbies include listening to music, photography, doing handcrafts, and learning sign language.


Tyler Carlson (‘20) is a Senior Biology Major from Cary, North Carolina. Tyler is not only majoring in Biology, but will also graduate with a minor in Environmental Studies. Tyler is working as the Shi Center’s Recycling and Residential Compost Fellow and has held this position for the past three years. As Tyler says, “I have always been interested in recycling and sustainability, but hold close ties with the Shi Center through our mutual love for bees.” When not working, he enjoys wakeboarding and having fun with friends, but he really loves beekeeping.


Chloe Sandifer-Stech (‘23) is a Freshman from Beijing, China, and plans to major in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Chloe is working as the Shi Center’s Eco Reps Student Fellow. “I led the Roots and Shoots club during my senior year of high school. A lot of the projects we did throughout the year revolved around promoting environmental awareness, specifically about plastic consumption, waste disposal, and water use. I was excited about the opportunity to have a similar role in college and work with like-minded people who are just as passionate about creating sustainable community.” In her free time, Chloe enjoys playing the cello, exercising, and exploring new places.


William Ridley (‘20) is a Senior Communication Studies major from Lilburn, Georgia. William  is working as the Shi Center’s Green Office Fellow and says, “I feel like the Green Office fellowship combines aspects of past Shi Center fellowship positions I served in with skills I have gained through public speaking, digital communication, and other courses in my major.” When not working at the Shi Center, William likes being outdoors, running, and scrolling through some type of social media. He also loves TV show binge watching.


Dominique Martin (‘22) is a Sophomore Sustainability Science and French double major from Charlotte, North Carolina. Dominique is working as the Shi Center’s Compost Fellow. Dominique shares, “I wanted to do waste management research as my career, and learning more about a strong composting system has always interested me.” In their free time Dominique likes to cook, clean, read, and spend time with their animals (They have three!). They also love anime.


Austin Geer (‘23) is a Freshman from Anderson, South Carolina. Austin plans to double major in Neuroscience and Spanish and is working as the Shi Center’s Community Dialogue Fellow. “I am interested in our upcoming 2020 election and all the factors that play into it. In addition, I want to be able to see how it affects the Greenville Community, which is what the fellowship is about.” When not working, Austin can be found playing the piano and violin, running, and reading. He also loves traveling to new places and listening to music.

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Gerrard Hanly (‘20) is a Senior English major from Brunswick, Georgia. Gerrard is working as the Shi Center’s Podcast Fellow and shares, “I was interested in my fellowship because I’ve always had an interest in telling stories, and the Shi Center gave me an opportunity to pursue that in the form of a podcast.” When not making podcasts, or listening to them, Gerrard can be found playing the piano and cooking.



Avery Sifer (‘21) is a Junior Sustainability Science and Communication Studies major from Atlanta, Georgia. Avery is working as the Shi Center’s Community Conservation Corps Fellow and says, “I saw the Shi Center as an opportunity to get real world experience in the field, network with sustainability professionals, and become more involved on campus. The Community Conservation Corps (CCC) provides free home weatherization services to low income homeowners in the greater Greenville community in an effort to reduce the homeowner’s energy consumption and improve financial stability. Although I had no experience in the weatherization field, I had a deep desire to work with people on campus and to promote and foster community collaboration to raise environmental awareness and improve the lives of others.” In her free time, Avery enjoys running, trying new restaurants in Greenville, and being outside.

64804994_2486752934688761_8358848639757451264_nWhitni Simpson (‘22) is a Sophomore from Pinehurst, North Carolina, who plans to double major in Sociology and Sustainability. Whitni is working as the Shi Center’s Furman Farm Student Manager. “I am very interested in sustainable food systems and how we can decrease our ecological footprint through our diet and the ways we produce food. Working on the farm, I get to learn all about Furman’s sustainable food system. Plus, the best way to learn is to get hands on experience!” When not working on the farm, Whitni can be found dancing, reading, hanging out with friends, and being active and enjoying the outdoors.

Gracie Bartel

Gracie Bartel (‘22) is a Sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina, who plans to be a Sustainability and Spanish double major. Gracie is working as the Shi Center’s Garden and Arboretum Fellow and says, “This fellowship interested me because I wanted to work at the SHi Center, and I love plants and working outside, which is part of why I am majoring in Sustainability.” In her free time, Gracie enjoys cooking and baking, and loves making dinner and tasty treats for her friends and family. 

Amanda Egan

Amanda Egan (‘20) is a Senior Communication Studies major from Orlando, Florida. Amanda is working in conjunction with the Shi Center as the Bon Appetit Student Sustainability Fellow and says, “I have an interest in sustainable food practices – my past jobs have included working at a local plant-based restaurant in Orlando and working at EarthFare last summer. When reading about the Shi Center Bon Appetit fellowship, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to learn about/become involved in the food sustainability practices happening right here at Furman!” When not working, Amanda enjoys exploring the area for new local restaurant concepts and sharing her favorite restaurants with friends. She also enjoys writing, yoga, and finding good TV shows/documentaries to watch.