2015-2016 Contributors (Academic Year)

ChambeChambersrs English (‘19) is a Philosophy and Environmental Science double major from Macon, Georgia. This year he is serving as a Waste Management Plan Development and Audit Fellow, conducting a comprehensive audit of Furman’s waste stream to inform strategies to reach Zero-Waste. After working with Furman’s food service provider, waste-management contractor, student body, faculty and staff, the Waste Management team will present a Zero-Waste Plan to the administration which aims to effectively eliminate waste on campus by 2026, Furman’s carbon-neutrality date. During the next four years, Chambers plans to aid the implementation of the Zero-Waste plan and further study problems at the intersection of humanity and the environment. He aims to research methods towards attaining corporate sustainability and improve predictive environmental systems during his undergraduate education. After Furman, he will likely pursue a graduate or law degree and work in public policy.

Jordan WolIMG_6990%20%282%29fe (’16) is a Sustainability and Art History double major from Atlanta, Georgia and most recently, Texas. Although she has lived and studied all over the world, she will always love the south and its rich opportunities for community involvement, all four seasons, finding appropriate uses of “y’all” in every sentence, and sustainable growth. At the Shi Center, she is one of the Sustainability Outreach and Engagement Fellows and is always finding ways to inform students of sustainability in a casual, non tree-hugging way. She is currently working on her senior thesis, focusing on Sustainable Fashion and an analysis of the supply chain, creating a model that can be incorporated into any business plan for the fashion industry. After graduation, she hopes to take her experience with the Shi Center and her thesis into the real world and become a sustainable consultant for those that want to make their companies as sustainable as possible. If you need her, she is either at the gym, cooking something yummy, playing with her roommate’s dog, in downtown Greenville at a fun coffee and/or wine café, or answering emails. But sustainability is always on her mind.

IMG_0113Demi Marshall (’18) is a Sustainability Science major from Greenville, SC. Demi is the Community Conservation Corps Fellow at the Shi Center for Sustainability. The Community Conservation Corps is a weatherization program at Furman University, which helps low-income households save energy and money, as well as live comfortably in their homes. Her daily tasks include inputting energy data, weatherizing homes, attending audits, and working on an academic article to potentially get published in the journal, Sustainability: The Journal of Record. Demi plans on pursuing sustainability-based internships, as well as research throughout her academic career at Furman. In her spare time, Demi enjoys exercising, cooking, photography, and her pets Louis, Leo, and Theodore.

10455864_10152157855834013_3531868942193972208_nWill Buckingham (’17) is a Sustainability Science major with a focus in Economics from Potomac, MD right outside of Washington D.C. He is currently a Waste Audit Fellow for the Shi Center. His duties include working with three other fellows as well as Dr. Dripps of the Earth and Environmental Science Department and Ms. Purvis over at the Shi Center. They work on collecting and analyzing waste stream related data fro the formation of Furman’s Waste Management Plan. Their ultimate goal is to develop a plan that can lead Furman to become a zero waste campus! Will has worked as sustainability inter for an interior design and manufacturer company in New York City to promote sustainable living within a home. In his spare time he likes to play sports, go fishing or hike the Appalachian Trail.

pic4.jpgCaneel Burgner (’18) is a Political Science and Communications major from Santa Barbara, CA. Caneel is the Communications and Outreach Fellow for the Shi Center and hopes to promote the center and sustainability around campus as well as get students more invol
ved with sustainability around campus. She helps plan center events, promote sustainability around campus and manages the center’s social media. With a passion for sustainability and an interest in communications and politics she hopes to somehow incorporate all those things into her future career. When she is not working in the center or on homework Caneel loves horseback riding, hiking, shopping and hanging out with friends.

Lauren Pru2014-06-08nkl (’18) is a Sustainability Science major from Marietta, Georgia. At the David E. Shi Center, she works as the Alternate Transportation Fellow for the 2015-2016 school year. She researches ways to improve the alternate transportation options on campus, promote biking, and establish campus and Greenville community connections. Her main job is running the campus wide bike rental program called the Paladins on Bike (FUPOB). This is a semester bike rental program for students on campus who do not have a bike. The program started in 2014, and currently has twenty bike rentals. Students pay $30 to receive a bike, U-lock, and helmet. Lauren helps market the program, distribute the bikes, facilitate basic maintenance, and collect the rentals at the end of the
semester. She is also involved in Furman’s annual Water Walk, Kappa Kappa Gamma, RUF fellowship group, and the Bartram Society. In her free time, she loves to try new baking and cooking recipes, reading, hiking, and riding on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

FullSizeRender-2.jpgMatthew Terrell (’18) is a potential Sustainability or Earth Science major from Alanta, GA. He is currently the Recycling Fellow for the
Shi Center. Matthew decided to attend Furman after visiting multipletimes sincehis brother graduated from Furman in 2012. In his free time he loves to play piano and sports, in particular soccer and table tennis.


11231700_944332522308875_4965738260453551520_oDarrin Anderson (’18) is a Health Science major from Greer, South Carolina. He is the Landscape Fellow for the Shi Center. He enjoys working, sports and learning. After Furman he is hoping to become a Physician’s Assistant.



Tindall Ouverson (’18) is a Sphoto-4ustainability Science major from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. She is involved with Furman University’s compost program, bringing a lifelong passion for sustainability and the environment into her work. Tindall’s role at the Shi Center as the Compost Marketing Fellow expands upon her experiences as the Furman Farm’s Compost Fellow in the 2014-2015 year. Whether she is working on marketing strategies, designing graphics for solid waste sorting campaigns, or scooping up compost with her favorite pitchfork, Tindall will always affirm that the power of individual action is stronger than one may think. She hopes to build upon her love of compost by further exploring urban agriculture. Tindall is also a student representative on the Sustainability Planning Council and the Vice President of the Bartram Society, the social group for Earth and Environmental and Sustainability majors. In her free time, she loves pursuing her artistic interests, taking care of her many plants, exploring various cities with friends, and leaving origami cranes everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.36.07 PMAnnie Sanford (‘18) is a Sociology and Business double-major at Furman. Hailing from the small town of Clover, South Carolina, she more recently got interested in sustainability through friends, her fellowship at the Shi Center, and an eye-opening trip to China. Annie is one of three Waste Management Plan Development and Audit fellows, working with the waste auditing team to categorize Furman’s waste and whip up a halfway decent waste management plan for the university. Needless to say, she enjoys writing and trying new things. Since college is all about learning and experience, her goal is to try something new each year, and so far sustainability has proved an engaging and enriching choice. Stay tuned to see where she takes it (or where it takes her); in the meantime, however, when she is not at work she can be found sitting in classes, partaking in various student organization meetings, playing capture the flag with friends, hanging out with her sorority sisters on the Kappa hall, watching movies with her boyfriend, working diligently on homework, orㅡher personal favoriteㅡsleeping.

Logan picLogan Richardson (’18) is a Sustainability Science and Economics major from Columbia, SC. She is currently working on her second year as an Assessment Fellow for the Shi Center. Last year she focused on the AASHE Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Reporting System (STARS), which is a self-reporting framework for universities to measure their sustainability performance. Furman actually received a Gold rating for the first time last year, indicating the University’s improvements in sustainability. This year, Logan is working on the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory to track the greenhouse gases produced through various campus activities. Logan also serves as co-president of the Environmental Action Group (EAG) and is currently working on phasing out bottled water on Furman’s campus through a bottle tax. In her free time, Logan enjoys spending time outdoors through hiking and biking.